Health and Safety

Montezuma Mining Company Ltd regards the health and safety of its employees as a core business objective. Management is committed to meeting the highest standards of health and safety applicable to the mining industry. The goal is an injury-free and healthy workplace.

The Company believes:

  • the health and safety of our employees comes before all other business activities;
  • every incident and injury is preventable;
  • everyone has an active role and responsibility to ensure their own health and safety and that of others.

Responsibilities of the Employer

In order to meet obligations and responsibilities as an employer, Montezuma will:

  • provide leadership, supervision, information and training to employees so that they can perform their work safely;
  • provide adequate personal protective clothing and equipment;
  • maintain plant and equipment so that all employees are not exposed to unnecessary risk;
  • provide systems for identifying, reporting correctly and managing all hazards.

Responsibilities of the Employee

All employees, including permanent, part-time and casual employees and contractors, are required to accept the following responsibilities as conditions of employment with Montezuma:

  • Follow all standard operating procedures and safe work practices laid down for particular equipment or tasks.
  • Obey all lawful, written and oral health and safety instructions issued by the Company or its supervisors.
  • Use correctly all personal protective clothing and equipment supplied by the Company in the appropriate circumstances.
  • Take corrective action to eliminate hazards that the employee cannot correct.
  • Seek first aid or medical treatment for injuries and report all injuries, however minor.
  • All employees are informed that it is Company policy that no employee is required to perform any task that is reasonably considered to be unsafe.